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ToTok - HD Video Calls & Chats - Test

by Mohamed

ToTok Messenger is a fast and secure calling and messaging app. ToTok provides unlimited voice...

ToTok Messenger is a fast and secure calling and messaging app. ToTok provides unlimited voice and video calling that allows you to communicate with your family and friends anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection (Wi-Fi/4G/3G/EDGE as available). Key Features UNLIMITED CALLS ToTok provides unlimited voice and video calls for everyone. You can now call your family and friends around the world with video and voice using ToTok when connected to the internet. HIGH-QUALITY COMMUNICATION ToTok uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to improve the quality of your communications. By enhancing voice clarity, reducing echo, and two-way conversations, ToTok gives you the ultimate voice and video calling experience. MULTIMEDIA ToTok comes fully loaded to support text, audio and video files, formats including emojis, photos, voice messages, GIFs, locations and name cards. SUPERGROUPS & GROUP CALLING Make the most of supergroups with up to 10,000 members! Invite your family and friends to join in. To add more fun, ToTok supports HD group chat and group video calls of up to 20 participants. RETOUCH FILTER FOR VIDEO CALLS Use our built-in real-time retouch filter to smooth skin and conceal flaws during video calls. You can show your family and friends a more beautiful self in just one tap. OTHER PARTY’S TIME Avoid disturbing your family and friends living abroad by seeing their local time on the one-on-one chat. SECURE ToTok takes safety and users’ privacy seriously. ToTok uses 256-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and other encryption techniques to ensure the security of all ToTok Messenger texts and audio & video chats. ---------- We are driven to keep improving our product and service. By going to "Me" > "Help" > "Report an Issue", you can submit issues you run into and let our dedicated support team help you. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at We'd love to hear from you.

26 Nov - 29 Nov

iOS 6.0 - 14.3 b

iPhone, iPad

CLS Music Player - Lightweight Mp3 Player - Test

by Individual

CLS Music Player app is the most stylish, Powerful and Fast Music Player app with...

CLS Music Player app is the most stylish, Powerful and Fast Music Player app with stunning and elegant design. The 5-band equalizer offers powerful bass, volume and virtualize Sound booster to give real feel to music you are listening with dj sound. It also allows you to create and save your own custom presets. Music Player is no doubt free. This Music Player app offers numerous variety of glassy, blurry and dark themes, which makes it very different from all other Music player. CLS Music Player is all format audio player which supports formats like mp3, m4a, aac, wav,midi etc. The search filter of Audio Music Player app is very powerful; It allows searching songs based on Artists, Songs Title, Albums and Composer of the Music. The Music Player also offers tags editor, which allows editing Songs Title, Artists, Composer, Albums and Album Arts. Key Features of CLS Music Player: - Plays all audio formats - Powerful 5-Band frequency Equalizer. - Bass, Virtualize Sound with 3D sound effect and volume raise Manipulator - Numerous Dark, blurry and Glassy Skins to give feel to your music - Tags Editor – allows editing Songs Title, Artists, Composer, Albums and Album Arts. - Swipe left or right on playing song screen to change songs - Ability to sort songs on Artist, title, Modified Date, Albums and in descending order - Folder Explorer to play songs from file paths - Powerful songs Queue and Songs Repeat mode - Create, Remove and Rename playlists - Play whole Playlists on one click - Recently and mostly played Playlists - allows to see what was played before - Multi select option to Queue, Delete multiple songs. Please also rate the music player application on landing page if you loved the application while testing!!

17 Nov - 8 Dec

Android 3.2 - 11.0

Phone, Tablet, Wearable

Whenis - Test

by illuma works

Thanks everyone in this group for your interest and time in testing the Whenis iOS...

Thanks everyone in this group for your interest and time in testing the Whenis iOS app. Whenis is a social booking app based on phone number authentication. It is expected that beta testers would need to have a couple of login identities to test the real process of app in use. For testing purposes, the beta versions include email authentication. Beta testers can just register as many accounts with hypothetical email addresses and passwords. NOTE: No matter you register with phone number or email, Whenis would identify you by PHONE NUMBER you provide in the registration. In order to make your Whenis accounts identifiable by your phone with one another, please make sure that the phone number your provide for each Whenis account is from one of your contact in your iOS Contacts app, i.e., your iOS phonebook. If not, you may still add those numbers to your Contacts app after the account registration. There are a number of differences between the beta version and the app store version: 1. Beta versions support email authentication. 2. Earlier beta versions have not been implemented with in-app subscriptions. In other words, no limitation (see note 4) has been put as it would be in the free-of-charge app store versions. 3. If you wish to use phone authentication for testing, send me the hypothetical phone numbers and I will create a test passwords for the numbers you provide. 4. The free-of-charge versions in the market (a) do not have the ability to turn off the banner advertisement, (b) have the limitations of sharing not more than 5 events concurrently, and (c) have the limitations of receiving the most recent 50 system messages, instead of the 200 in the paid version. Apart from testing bug reports, we would also like to listen to your comments, suggestions and idea after playing with the beta version, in the following area: 1. Business idea: is Whenis needed by the market? 2. Sustainability: are the ways of monetization (ad banner income, in-app subscription at USD4.99 per year) sustainable, given the operation cost and price point in your experience? 3. Function: is the functions included in this version a good starting point for the app to be released soon? What crucial, life-and-death features should have been included for the app to get success when launched? What other nice-to-have features would get more appeal to the target audience? What features should be developed sooner or later in future updates after its launch? 4. Marketing: given the target audience in your mind, what kind of marketing strategy that you think would suit for Whenis? Any other comments and suggestions are all welcome!

9 Nov - 30 Nov

iOS 6.0 - 14.3 b